The easiest way to create digital product mockups

Anyone who offers digital products or lead magnets has probably struggled with creating a good looking visual to represent the product. Normally it means searching online for an affordable mockup creator, but now you can handle this in moments in your WordPress site.

If you’ve not already downloaded a copy of Uncle Chuckles Mockup Block plugin, you can get your free copy here. I’ve also got an article to walk you through how to install a downloaded plugin.

The UC Mockup block

Once installed and activated, you’ll find a new block in the block editor labelled UC Mockup.

The Select mockup type control lets you select from various different styles. As you change this control, the new style will update in the editor.

The Select Cover Image button opens the Media Library and you can upload or select an existing image for the mockup.

Additional controls

Some mockup types have additional controls to adjust their appearance.

For example, the book mockups allow you to select the color of the cover. This is particularly obvious on the flat style of book.

The Paper Sheet style has an optional folded corner that is turned on and off with the toggle control. Remember to set the color control to match the color of the background to complete the effect. Note the folded corner only works with solid color backgrounds and isn’t suitable for gradient or image backgrounds.

As you can see, once armed with Uncle Chuckles Mockup Block, you’ll find it takes just moments to turn your flat designs into good looking product mockups.