Your WordPress site is a ticking bomb of misery just waiting to go BOOM!

Unless you know the right wires to cut – let me introduce you to the little buggers

Security, performance and a Plan B.

The three most important jobs when you set up your WordPress site.

  • A secure site means the time and money you invest won’t disappear into thin air the first time bots try to hack your site
  • Make your site fast to load and your users will find it a joy, returning time and again
  • Expect the worst to happen and Plan B ensures the biggest catastrophe is actually just a little hiccup

It’s not rocket science.

Nail those three big jobs and you give your business site a solid foundation you can build on for years. It has the chance to become the rich asset you dreamed of.

Or you can set yourself up for disaster.

Ignore those three keystones of a successful site. Instead race off to pick the ideal theme, choose the perfect color palette and fall for the prettiest of fonts.

Your site will always be just seconds from a catastrophe.

Researchers found that 60% of small to medium sized businesses that get hacked shut down within 6 months. It’s reported that 30,000 sites are hacked every single day and every week, 70,000 of those are blacklisted from Google’s search results.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Even small WordPress sites face 100s of attacks each month. Do nothing and how long do you think before your site becomes the latest pathetic victim of a hack?

If you’re lucky, it’ll happen immediately. Before you’ve invested too much time and money in a site that you can’t access anymore and is sending your shocked, or occasionally delighted, visitors to niche porno sites.

If you’re unlucky, it’ll be two or three years before your site collapses at the hands of a guilt-free hacker and your business appears poised to follow.

Years of articles, sales funnels and user data are encrypted. The hacker used your email marketing plugin to make a copy of your email list and then deleted it.

Wait, stop panicking! There’s always Plan B.

Except no, there isn’t is there?

You always had better things to do with your time than worry about something trivial like backing up your data.

So now you’ve got to work out how to buy half a Bitcoin and transfer it to some spotty 14 year old from eastern Europe calling themself smileysatan666, the whole time just hoping that they really will restore everything after you pay them.

How do you feel?

Sleeping well?

Is that pins and needles in your left arm?

Hey, relax. I’m kidding.

That’s not your site.

In the real world, the tortoise comes last

Your site is painfully slow, with every page load seemingly tortoise-charged.

Users never started visiting in real numbers. Why would they?

Who wants to count “seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi, nine Mississippi” every time a page is loading?

Even smileysatan666, at the tender age of 14, knows not to waste their time on a loser site like yours. No-one’s going to send Bitcoin to save a site that’s making no moolah.

If only you’d got the basics right. Right at the start.

It’s not sexy, but nailing down the basics of your new WordPress site, before you do anything else, is the smartest investment you’ll ever make in your site.

It doesn’t even take long, when you know what you’re doing and what you need to sort.

Here’s the good news.

I know how to get your site started the right way and I’m going to share it all with you.

Learn how to setup your site the right way

In an easy to read and understand book, WordPress Wrangling for Entrepreneurs, Tycoons and Magnates, I walk you through the process of setting up WordPress the right way.

I share the essential plugins you need to install to give your site the security, performance and Plan B no site can afford to be without.

That’s not all though.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could do some of the essential work for you?

Clearly I can’t help everyone to set up their site.

The WordPress Wrangler plugin can though. Once installed on your site, it takes you by the hand and literally walks you through the setup process.

With one button click, it will install and activate each specified plugin. When there are settings to configure, the WordPress Wrangler gives you links to the pages you need to visit, while the book explains the controls you need to set.

This way the setup process becomes a breeze and you start to learn about the key fundamentals of your website.

It makes preparing your site simple, while making you WordPress smart.

By the end of this process, you’ll have addressed key steps, such as:

  • Nailing the key settings of your site before you do anything else, rather than in a few months’ time when you’ve realised something’s not right
  • Making your site more secure and less attractive to hackers than the average WordPress site, plus you’ll get a bonus of discovering the best 2FA app (not Google Authenticator – why do so many people settle for that?)
  • Learning the easiest way to connect your site to some of Google’s key tools, including Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Search Console and Optimize for A/B testing
  • Taking advantage of the single easiest way to optimize and speed up the delivery of your site’s images – these have the largest bearing on the load times of most web pages
  • Ensuring your site is set up to take full advantage of your SSL certificate, without any errors making you look like the shady fella selling fake Rolex watches on the street corner
  • Activating what is arguably the easiest to setup page caching plugin – no splitting headaches or accidentally slowing your site down by turning on features unsuitable for your site and web hosting
  • Connecting your site to AWS Simple Email Service so your site’s emails actually get delivered – the default email configuration for WordPress sites is notorious for going to spam or being blocked altogether
  • If you’re selling online, installing a powerful plugin to take payments and, perhaps more importantly, advice on reducing the risk of automated fraudulent transactions that could cost you $100s in refunds and chargeback fees and even get you banned by your payment service provider
  • Installing a plugin to take automated daily backups of your site – even if your web host takes backups of your site, I’ll share 10,000 reasons why you should still do this
  • Configuring a real cronjob to ensure vital actions on your site happen when they should. A whatjob? I’ll explain what and why it’s so important
  • Why you should steer clear of premium themes if you’re starting out – actually there’s good arguments for steering clear of most premium themes full stop
  • Plus more tips and advice on getting your WordPress site set up the right way right from the start

For just $29.97, every time you get started building a new WordPress site, you’ll be sure to build it the right way.

No nasty surprises in a year or two’s time that threaten to bring all your hard work crashing down around your head.

When you consider the time and money you’re going to invest in your site and business, it’s next to nothing. Barely a month’s hosting fees with one of the better WordPress hosting services, which is where you should move your site as soon as it’s bringing in revenue.

Now, it’s important to me that you understand that if you don’t think I’ve earned your money, I don’t want your money.

That’s why I give you the following 12 month money back guarantee.

12 Months Money Back Guarantee

I’m giving you a 12 month guarantee. If you don’t think I’ve provided you with full value for money at any time in the next year, get in touch and I’ll refund your money.

No quibbles and no questions, though I hope you’ll help me and explain where you think my product failed you.

There’s no reason not to get your copies of WordPress Wrangling for Entrepreneurs, Tycoons and Magnates and the WordPress Wrangler plugin right now.

Click the button below and make your payment safely and securely through Stripe.


An unexpected, but sincere testimonial

I never thought I’d use it myself!

I created WordPress Wrangling for new WordPress users, but I’ve started using it myself on every site I build. I used to do most of the steps automatically, but I always missed some and found myself cross-checking firewall settings.
Not now, plus it’s just plain quicker.

Ian Pullen, aka Uncle Chuckles

It might not be too late for your site

Are you thinking this all sounds great, but it’s a bit too late for me?

Your site is already up and running.

That’s no problem.

If you’ve never given proper consideration to the security, performance and data integrity of your site, it’s not too late.

Tomorrow might be too late though.

You can use this offer with an existing site, skipping the steps you’ve already covered and completing those you’ve missed.

If you’re already selling through your site, just learning about the risks of carding attacks and how to reduce them could be worth many, many, many times more than what you’re going to pay today.

Plus you’ll be able to apply this process to every other WordPress site you build in the future. You can install the WordPress Wrangler plugin on as many sites as you want.

And don’t forget your 12 month money back guarantee.

Your payment will be made safely and securely through Stripe.