Your WordPress site is a hockey mask wearing, chainsaw brandishing lunatic waiting in the cellar for the fuses to blow

Learn what you need to do when the lights go out to get your business up and running again

SPOILER ALERT – you don’t go down to the cellar FFS!

Learn how to fix the most common WordPress catastrophes without breaking a sweat

The white screen of death makes your blood run cold.

The realisation that the site that puts food on your table is no more will make your stomach churn like a tumble-dryer.

For multi-tasking small business owners, few sights are as horrific as a plain white screen where their WordPress site used to be.

If you’re lucky (really?), you’ll be treated to an ugly cryptic message that’s meant to help you understand what’s just gone wrong.

“My site has just gone completely phooooking borked, that’s what’s gone wrong stooopid!!!!”

Catastrophic WordPress failures can be a little bit stressful like that when you’ve no idea what to do first, other than blub like a baby.

Then blub some more.

Normally the first step, once the tears and snot have stopped flowing, is to look for professional help.

Can’t fault that as a plan.

How long will that take though?

I’m guessing your normal considered approach to HR might suffer in the rush to find someone, anyone, who can help get things back to normal A.S.A.P.

Let’s hope you pick wisely and they don’t make things worse.

Blind panic may also lead to a more relaxed policy on signing off purchases by your finance department (that’s you isn’t it).


You can be pretty sure whoever you find to help you will feel pretty relaxed about the situation.

For a start it’s not their site that’s just packed up and left for an unplanned vacation.

More than that though, they know most WordPress problems are caused by the same common causes (assuming you did pick your help wisely).

When you know where to look for the gremlins, you’re halfway to fixing the problem.

So often with WordPress, when you know what’s causing the problem, fixing it is baby-steps simple.

And we already know you’re good at the baby stuff – remember all the blubbing earlier?


Uncle Chuckle’s ebook, Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro was written to help WordPress site owners like you take control of their own disaster management.

It’ll make you realise that the first thing you need to do when the klaxon goes off is just stop for a moment and breathe.

Then work your way through the exact same steps any self-respecting WordPress pro would work through to bring your site back online.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to reset your password if you can’t receive password reset emails being sent by your site – you’ll also learn how to break your site’s own Two Factor Authentication (2FA) if you lose your phone or device with your 2FA app
  • The tool you need to use to find problem plugins without affecting the user experience for other users of your site
  • Where to look for clues into what’s causing your site to display a plain white screen
  • The method to “turn your site back on” when it won’t even let you log into the admin section
  • Understanding what causes white screen errors when an update fails and the simple way to fix the problem
  • How, without admin access to your site, you can disable any or all plugins when you know one is breaking your site or believe at least one is probably the cause of the error
  • The most likely causes and their fixes for the somewhat enigmatic database connection error
  • Different techniques for recovering a hacked site and why you should really pay a professional to do this for you, except in one specific case
  • Plus more gems of knowledge so that if you ever face the disaster of your business’ WordPress site breaking in a big or small way, you’ll have an immediate plan of action to start trying to get things fixed as quickly as possible

Few things feel as horrible as feeling completely helpless. Especially when your income and years of hard work are at risk.

Many seemingly huge WordPress catastrophes can be resolved by following relatively simple steps.

Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro can give you the knowledge and confidence to try and resolve problems with your site, rather than spending time looking for a professional to sort it for you. Please note that even though the book explains some approaches to fixing hacked sites, in most cases of hacking I do recommend you get professional help.

If you’re using a WordPress site as a key part of your business, being ready to fix a problem as soon it arises is essential.

Get a copy of Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro now while it’s on your mind. Don’t be the person scrambling blindly through their memory palace trying to remember where they saw a book on fixing WordPress sites when their WordPress site is already broken.

I’ve made it easily affordable and it’s completely risk free.

12 Months Money Back Guarantee

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No quibbles and no questions, though I hope you’ll help me and explain where you think my product failed you.

If you don’t think I’ve earned your money, I don’t want your money.

There’s no reason not to get your copy of Troubleshooting WordPress Like a Pro right now.

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