Invest 1 minute and 4 seconds to see why your pages aren’t selling

Learn how to assess which parts of your sales pages are persuading buyers and which are reader repelling cruft

Smart words sell, pretty design doesn’t.

Yet most new business owners repeat the same mistake when creating their first sales pages.

They focus most of their time on creating a great looking page that they’re proud to look at and share on social media.

However, a sales page is a journey to the Call to Action.

You need to be thinking about how each element of the page will move the reader towards that CTA. Not how they make the page prettier.

Only those who complete the journey have any chance of buying from you.

Sales Page Assessment Process is just 254 words, split into 9 action points that take no more than 1 minute and 4 seconds for the average person to read and understand.

It’s the first step on your journey to writing pages that sell your product, rather than show off your design skills.

The simple step by step guide walks you through your page to help you see where your copy is and isn’t selling