Discover the ancient Chinese sales funnel secret that makes building sales funnels today a walk in the park

They don’t want you to have this 2,662 year old key to your super simple sales funnel

I’m going to share a special time limited discount at the end, but first learn about what I’m offering

Sales funnels are crazy complex and difficult to build.

Not true.

Sure, there are loads of gurus and marketing experts who want you to believe that, but if just believing something made it true, Uncle Chuckles would be fighting off the world’s most beautiful women armed with nothing more than a pooey stick and a rabid Chihuahua.

But no, in reality Uncle Chuckles isn’t the most attractive, sophisticated and witty man alive today and sales funnels really don’t need to scroll your nurd.

Scaring people is a great way to make them take action.

Tell them they need a funnel or their business will die and then convince them that attaining their first funnel is going to be on a par with Indiana Jones tracking down the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Unless, of course, they invest in this super-featured tool that makes the process easy or they listen to this supercomputer intelligent sales funnel guru.

But sales funnels don’t need to feel scary.

The ancient Chinese cracked the formula more than one and a half millennia before they came up with gunpowder.

Can you make a bomb?

Me neither.

And nor could the ancient Chinese of Guanzhuang in 640 BCE.

But they did understand how to build a sales funnel.

The world’s earliest known currency, the spade coin, was minted in Guanzhuang almost two thirds of the way through the Zhou dynasty.

That tells us the people there were involved in commerce, not simply bartering one item for another.

Once you start selling something, a sales funnel occurs completely naturally. At its most basic, it’s simply presenting your product to as many people as possible in the hope that some will buy.

In Guanzhuang, maybe someone made a hat, stood in the square and shouted to people passing by that they’d sell it for two spade coins. That’s a sales funnel.

Before continuing, please pause for one moment while I share something.

I’m not trying to belittle the sales funnel building gurus and tools.

Despite all I’ve said, sales funnels can be crazy complex.

Sales funnels can involve an unbelievable amount of planning and ongoing tweaking to maximise their value.

There are sales funnel experts who are paid huge amounts of money for minor changes, because of the results their insights can produce.

But you don’t need those funnels or those experts on day one.

At this point you don’t even know if you can sell your core offer. There’s no point fretting and strategizing about order bumps, upsells and downsells until you know you can achieve repeat sales of a product.

You just want a proven funnel that will move your business forward while you start to learn about building and using online sales funnels to sell your products.

My Little Funnel is the introduction to funnel building you’ve been waiting for.

The name may be silly, but this serious funnel is so easy to build, a child could do it.

Modern laws may say you can’t send Junior up a 100 year old brownstone’s chimney to clean it, but political correctness gone mad hasn’t yet outlawed Junior building your sales funnel for you.

My Little Funnel is so simple it makes that fantasy reality.

What is My Little Funnel?

My Little Funnel is literally everything you need to build a four step funnel  on your WordPress site to collect opt-ins and present your first low cost offer to your new audience members.

It’s much the same funnel I first saw described by Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer when he was explaining a self-liquidating offer.

If it’s good enough for Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer, I think it’s good enough for you and your business.

I will walk you through the process of building the four pages of your funnel.

One of the great things about this funnel is that it requires very little copy. You’ll be using a lead magnet to encourage opt-ins and then making a low cost offer that all but sells itself.

That means you can get it built and working for you in less time than it takes to write to your senator to complain about the farce that is modern child labor legislation (those chimneys don’t clean themselves).

Obviously you should have a suitable lead magnet before starting your funnel and also a low cost product (sub $10) that relates to the lead magnet. You can either create a product for this or, if you have a larger product, you could split out one facet of that and offer that.

Look, here’s your My Little Funnel laid out in all its simplicity.

Putting this together really is child’s play.

And it will generate opt-ins for your email list, some of whom you will know are serious buyers, because they’ve bought from you in this very funnel.

By the way, if you’re going to offer a small part of a larger product, are you now seeing ways you could extend this funnel to sell the full product?

You can think about that later as I’ve got more value for you right now.

You may be using your WordPress site to build your funnel, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on powerful marketing features.

On top of your My Little Funnel training, I’m going to give you five exclusive WordPress plugins you can’t get anywhere else.

These will give your funnel a steroids-like boost without the mood swings, blurred vision or shrivelled cajones.

Mock Up Block Plugin

The easiest way to showcase digital products and lead magnets – just pick the mock up type, angle and upload the cover image

Two Step Block Plugin

Open opt-in forms or any content in a pop-up box and leverage the power of micro-commitments

Delayed Download Block Plugin

Add a delay to a download to give readers the time to focus on other key content on the page

Countdown Block Plugin

Whether you need a fixed end time or an evergreen countdown that talks to WooCommerce to expire discounts when the countdown ends, this is the plugin for you

Checkout Block Plugin

Power up the WooCommerce checkout – make it multi-step, link to a countdown discount, add an order bump and specify a custom thank you page

With my training and these exclusive plugins, you’ll build a sales funnel to make your neighbours jealous.

I could stop there, but I’m not going to.

I’m 99.9% certain you are not a WordPress expert.

My guess is you chose WordPress because it’s an accessible and affordable way for you to build your dream and realise your long held ambitions.

In the right hands, WordPress is a phenomenon.

You can build almost anything and any type of business with it. Big businesses like The Walt Disney Company, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Sony Music don’t choose it because it’s free, they choose it because it’s the best solution for them.

However, if you’re going to be investing time and money into your WordPress site, I need to know that your site is providing the solid and secure foundation your business needs.

You see, in the wrong hands, WordPress can be a hockey mask wearing, chainsaw wielding lunatic waiting in the cellar for the fuses to blow.

I want to do all I can to ensure the lights never go off, but if they do, I want to know that you know what to do to get your business up and running again in next to no time (little spoiler alert, you don’t go down to the cellar FFS!).

That’s why I’m giving you these essential bonuses.

  • WordPress Wrangling for Entrepreneurs, Tycoons and Magnates
  • WordPress Wrangler Plugin
  • Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro

WordPress Wrangling for Entrepreneurs, Tycoons and Magnates is a step-by-step ebook and exclusive plugin that guides you through setting up your WordPress site the right way.

The WordPress Wrangler plugin makes installing the essential plugins easier than you could imagine and the ebook will show you how to set up each of those plugins the right way from the start.

Follow the process with a new or established site and you will know you’ve set up your site to be fast, secure and prepared for any emergency.

You will probably never have to worry about anything going seriously wrong, just because you had the smarts to invest less than one hour optimizing and disaster-proofing your site. You and the little piggy that built his house out of bricks can high-five right now.

A quick aside, and this is completely true. I created the WordPress Wrangler plugin for complete newbies to WordPress, but I use it myself now with every new site, because it’s simply a quicker and easier way for me to get a new site set up correctly.

Of course sometimes the world throws us a curveball and even with preparation and a solid foundation, websites can break for all sorts of reasons.

That’s why it’s essential you read your copy of Troubleshoot WordPress Like a Pro and keep it safe as a reference in case of emergency. It will explain all the things that a professional will do to fix your site.

If a problem happens, you could have it fixed quicker than advertising for help on Upwork or searching through listings on Fiverr. Even if you choose to hire a professional, knowing what they’re doing will make it harder for them to take advantage of your situation.

So there you have it, that’s what I’m offering you.

You’re going to learn how to build a powerful and proven funnel, following the training of My Little Funnel.

Value: Potentially thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or more – you tell me how big your business will be

For no additional fee, you’re going to receive 5 exclusive plugins to turbocharge your funnel. These are not available anywhere else.

Value: I don’t sell these, but if they were just $10 each, here’s $50 for you

And because I need to know you’re using WordPress the right way, I’m giving you two ebooks and a plugin with essential WordPress knowledge.

Value: $44.94

All of that for a similar fee you could pay for just one month of a popular funnel building tool.

Yours for just $99.97


I’ll teach you to build My Little Funnel and you can then use your new skills and free bonuses to add more funnels to your business as you grow.

Before leaving you to commune with your payment card, I want to say something that’s hugely important to me.

If you don’t believe I’ve earned your money, I don’t want your money.

12 Months Money Back Guarantee

I’m giving you a 12 month guarantee. If you don’t think I’ve provided you with full value for money at any time in the next year, get in touch and I’ll refund your money.

No quibbles and no obligatory questions, though I hope you’ll help me and explain where you think my product failed you.


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You can wait or you can benefit from this situation. Buy before I launch and you’ll get the full training when it’s released. Until then though, you’ll get all the bonus plugins and the bonus WordPress packages, plus upto four one hour training sessions. These may be one on one or as a group and I expect what I learn from you will help me make the final training even better.

I’m in Spain. The time slots for sessions will be 6:30am, 12:30pm and 7:30pm CEST.

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