How to use Uncle Chuckles’ Landing Pages Plugin

As you add more content and marketing pages to your WordPress site, it can become harder and harder to manage everything.

The free Landing Pages plugin from Uncle Chuckles is a simple tool to help you separate and manage different types of content.

If you haven’t downloaded your free copy of Uncle Chuckles Landing Pages plugin, you can get it from this page.

Now that’s you’ve got a copy of the plugin, I’ll show you how to install it on your WordPress site and how to use the plugin to get more organized. It’s a simple plugin, so this won’t take long.

Install the Landing Pages plugin

If you’re used to installing your plugins directly from the WordPress Plugin Repository, the process for installing plugins downloaded from other sources is a little different. It only takes a few moments longer though.

You can follow the necessary steps in this article on how to install a downloaded WordPress plugin.

Landing Pages custom post type

The Landing Pages plugin is quite simple. The main job it does is to add a new custom post type to your site. You can see a new Landing Pages entry in the admin menu side bar.

This works much the same as normal posts and pages, but helps you manage your site by separating your marketing content from the rest of your site.

In fact, Landing Pages combine some features of posts and pages. Like posts, they can be added to categories. As you’ll see when you add a Landing Page, like pages, the have Page Attributes, meaning that you build a hierarchy of Landing Pages.

Whether you use the hierarchy features will be your choice. I personally add additional pages, such as thank you page after a lead magnet page, as a child page. This helps to keep related pages together.

Landing Page Styles

Pages and posts use the templates applied to them by the active WordPress theme. So usually all posts and pages have the same header, footer and page format applied to them.

By default, Landing Pages also use the normal template with header and footer, but there are other options.

In the Landing Page sidebar, you will see a panel labelled Page Style. This contains four options.

  1. Normal – the default setting that applies the same template as normal pages
  2. Blank – this provides a completely blank page to work with, meaning you can create focused pages with no additional navigation to distract from the main CTAs
  3. Header Only – this attempts to provide a page that contains the normal header, but no footer
  4. Footer Only – this attempts to provide a page that contains the normal footer, but no header

Note that because of the different ways that WordPress themes may be written, the Header Only and Footer Only options may not work as expected with all themes. In most cases though, the Blank style will probably make most sense for any kind of Landing Page.

Uninstalling Uncle Chuckles Landing Pages plugin

The Landing Pages plugin should help you to manage your site more efficiently, but if you ever want to remove the plugin, it’s no different to deactivating and uninstalling any other plugin.

Worth noting is the fact that during the deactivation process, all Landing Pages will be converted to normal Pages. If this wasn’t done, after removing the plugin, you would be unable to access these pages in the back end of your site. They will also be displayed on the front end using the normal page template, including any header or footer elements applied to normal pages.