How to use the Two Step plugin

The Two Step plugin is designed to make it easy for you to add a pop up to a page that is opened when a button is clicked. The pop up can contain any type of content you can add using the Block Editor.

The Two Step name comes from the initial use I saw for this plugin was for presenting opt in forms on squeeze pages. It’s common for squeeze pages to present the lead magnet and when the user clicks to download, a pop up opens with the opt in form.

That’s the primary use case for this plugin, but you can use it in any situation where you want to initially hide content and display it when a user clicks a button.

Before I show you how to use this block, if you haven’t got a copy yet, you can download a free copy from here. This article explains how to install a downloaded plugin.

You can search for the UC Two Step block in the block inserter.


Use the Button Text field to edit the text that appears on the button to open the pop up.

The Color control sets the color of the closer that can be used to close the pop up and the Background Color control adjusts the color of the pop up background.

Ideally, when you preview the button in the front end, you’ll see see it has acquired the styling of buttons from your theme. If not or if you want to apply different colors to the button background and text, use the Button Color and Button Text Color controls.

Pop up content

The pop up content area is surrounded by a chevron style border. You can place any blocks into this area and when viewed on the front end, it won’t be visible until the button is clicked to show the pop up.