How to use delayed downloads

A delayed download is a tactic to display some content to a user in the few moments that they’re waiting for a file to download. This could be to present another offer or just to display and ad.

This article will show you how to do this with your WordPress site.

If you’ve not already downloaded a copy of Uncle Chuckles Delayed Download plugin, you can get your free copy here. I’ve also got an article to walk you through how to install a downloaded plugin.

This is a simple block to use and I’ll quickly run you through the details so you can try it out on your own site.

You should search for the UC Download block to add it to your page.

There’s an alignment control for the text in the block’s toolbar.

The first three controls let you set the Message that appears at the top of the download block, enter the Download URL of the file to be downloaded and the Download Delay in seconds. If the latter is left empty, the download will start as soon as the page loads.

The Manual Download toggle switch allows you to show or hide the second line of text that includes an option to manually start the download.

The final control is the Force Download toggle switch. A force download is one that forces the browser to display a dialog with a download button, rather than opening the file in the browser. Some files will always trigger a force download because browsers can’t open them, but image files and PDFs will usually open in a new browser window by default.

The Force Download control will only work with files that are saved on the your own website. If you set the Download URL to a file saved on another site, the force download won’t be triggered if the browser can open the file.

Note that if you use a plugin to handle file downloads, such as Download Monitor, that automatically triggers forced downloads, leave this control turned off.

Users on the front end will see a countdown and then a download dialog will open once the delay period has completed.