How to install a downloaded plugin

Here on, you can download a few free WordPress plugins designed to help make your online business life a bit better. Installing these plugins is easy enough, but the process may be a bit different to what you’re used to.

If you’re used to installing your plugins directly from the WordPress Plugin Repository, the process for installing plugins downloaded from other sources is a little different. It only takes a few moments longer though.

  1. In the admin menu, click on Add New under the Plugins menu item.
  2. On the new screen that opens, click the Upload Plugin button near the top of the screen.

Click the Choose File button and navigate to the downloaded plugin and select it. Note you must select the ZIP file, do not unzip it first.

Click the Install Now button to start the upload of the plugin. Depending on your connection speed and the size of the plugin, this may take a few moments.

After a few moments you should see a message that the Plugin installed successfully. Click the Activate button to finish the process. If you had a problem at this stage with the upload, you can start these steps again.

You will be returned to the Plugins screen where you should see your newly installed plugin among the list of active plugins.

That’s all there is to it.

One last thing, be careful about where you download plugins from. If someone writes malicious code in a plugin, when you install it, you open up your site to the possibility of being taken over.

For example, you will find sites that offer popular paid for plugins for free. It’s not unusual for such plugins to have been doctored.

At the very least, when installing plugins you have downloaded, you should do a quick scan of the file with your anti-virus software and that includes plugins you download from Uncle Chuckles too.