The funner way to birthing your marketing mindset

Great product + power of the universe = fame, fortune and adoration

That’s a lovely looking equation, but it rarely, if ever, stacks up in reality.

If you want your great product to change lives, you need an equation more like this.

Great product + great marketing = fame, fortune and adoration

Marketing is a very broad field and you’re not going to learn everything here or from any other one-stop shop.

My main aim is to help you understand the importance of a marketing mindset. If you feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of marketing yourself and your products, this article may help you get some of those irrational thoughts under control.

You need to feel comfortable with pushing your products before you can progress. Thankfully though, it’s your ethical framework that defines the boundaries you work within.

What is a marketing mindset?

It’s important to understand that a marketing mindset isn’t just about telling yourself you’re ready to sell your work.

Actions speak louder than words and it is your actions that will define your path.

That means that the decisions you make should be driven by the belief they will generate more sales.

Remember, more sales equals more success for others.

Across the full range of actions you take in promoting your business, you should always be thinking about how does this move a potential customer towards becoming a customer.

Not thinking this font or that, magenta or blue?

The Sales Page Assessment Tool is designed to help achieve this state of mind, specifically in relation to your sales pages. There’s a good chance that download will piss you off so much I never see you again, but if not, then perhaps you’re stepping on the path towards your marketing mindset.

Now despite my main aim being to help you find your marketing mindset, there are three practical areas where I can also help you with your marketing efforts.

This site has content on design and copywriting, plus tools that can help you build powerful sales funnels in the same WordPress block editor I’m writing this page in.

For other aspects of marketing, such as audience building, social media, etc and etc, you’ll need to go elsewhere.


No-one overestimates the importance of design more than designers and new business owners.

Uncle Chuckles

Considering a much younger me studied graphic design all day long, five days a week for two years, before spending many years working in that role, that should perhaps feel like a painful statement to make. It isn’t.

Design is important, but for what it achieves, not what it looks like. In sales pages, it plays second fiddle to the copy.

Probably the most common mistake aspiring business owners make is creating sales pages that look good.

If someone ever tells you they love the look of your sales page, something’s gone very wrong. They’re meant to be raving about your product.

I run through more than a dozen common design mistakes in Why are my sales pages more crappy than a wood full of bears? It’s free, so check out if you’re making some of those mistakes.

That guide will also be useful if you’re in the position to be able to pay someone to handle your design needs for you. Use it as a framework to assess their previous work to see if it’s going to work for you.

In a similar vein, let me give you one simple question to assess a graphic designer before hiring them.


I fell into writing, with a year contracted by The New York Times Company (not on the newspaper) and writing copy for several intranet sites for some very big businesses.

The latter was writing about financial products, with a key focus on clear, easy to understand English. That’s something that’s also regularly touted as important in writing good sales copy.

It’s possible that you’re a natural at writing persuasive sales copy that compels your readers to buy.

It’s probable that you’re not.

The Sales Page Assessment Process is a toe in the water way for you to get an idea of what your copywriting skills are like. If you follow it, be harsh on yourself. False flattery will do you no favors.

When I share information on design, the reality is that I’m rarely sharing original thoughts. Most of it I picked up from the many brilliant designers I had the good fortune to work with.

When I share information on copywriting and other aspects of marketing, original thoughts will be in even shorter supply.

Often I’ll be repeating things that I’ve seen repeated elsewhere by a variety of experts. Occasionally I may share something I personally associate with just one expert, in which case I’ll usually name check them.

If you see a name dropped, google them, find their books. If they’re alive and active, get on their email list. Reading experts talking about marketing and also reading their actual marketing will take you a long way to becoming better at using the written word to persuade others.


I’m a fan of WordPress and, while it may not be right for everyone, when used well it can be a great tool.

If you try WordPress, I strongly believe in keeping things simple. I really want you to avoid fancy premium themes and page builders. They’ll make you focus on the wrong things.

The default block editor or Gutenberg is a very flexible tool and combined with some of the free plugins I offer on this site, you can build some dooper powerful sales funnels.

Check out My Little Funnel if you’re new to this aspect of marketing. That describes the structure of a simple funnel that first aims to get email opt-ins, before presenting a low-priced offer. It outlines the four pages and the plugins you’ll use to create each page.

It doesn’t use all the plugins on offer on this site and I’ll probably add more after publishing this page. To see all that’s available right now, you want to visit the gifty wifties page. Also keep an eye out for articles that offer tips and advice on making the most of the various freebies on offer here.

Why Uncle Chuckles?

Granted it’s not the most obvious name, but I can offer two reasons.

First, it’s a crowded market and if I want to stand out, I probably need to be different.

Small chance someone will misremember this name and end up at a competing site. Only time will tell if that offsets the fact that the name says nothing about the business and who it serves.

Second, I’m a serial creator who historically has created and quickly moved on. It’s a habit I’m forcing myself to break and some past projects are already integrated into this site.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve deliberately trimmed my domains down to less than 40 and wanted to avoid pushing the number up again. The only other generic domain I still have is tonteetoo, so Uncle Chuckles won out for being easier to spell.

What next?

You could do worse than scroll to the footer and use the form to subscribe for updates from me. You don’t want to miss more free tools and tutorials do you?

If you’ve got some time, have a look through some of the articles.

Got an idea for a tool or subject you think would be a good fit for the Uncle Chuckles site? Send me a message and perhaps I’ll fix it for you.